House Rules

Isaiah House Rules July 4, 2017

Everyone must abide by these rules at all times while staying here

Breaking any one of rules 1-5 will result in immediate dismissal 

  • We believe a man can remain drug free without relapse. Therefore a positive drug test, refusal to take a drug test or refusal to pay for a lab test will apply with no return allowed. If a test is disputed, the test will be sent to the lab for verification at a cost of $75 to the resident. If the test comes back with negative results, Isaiah House will refund the fee to the resident.
  • Stealing inside or outside of Isaiah House.
  • NO inappropriate physical contact, speech, or gestures with any females on Isaiah House premises and /or 12 step meetings in town.
  • Any man leaving the property without proper permission and/or any man not returning by curfew. ANY MAN WHO IS ANY PLACES OTHER THAN WHERE HE IS SUPPOSE TO BE.
  • No fighting, all involved will have to leave
  • No refund of fees given
  • No ongoing Narcotic meds allowed. All other prescription meds will be kept in the Office
    and dispensed as prescribed.
  • Staff hours 8am-11pm. But staff is here 24 hours/day 7 days per week
  • Curfew is 11 pm, please be in your bedroom and quiet after this time.
  • Only resident of Isaiah House are allowed in residency areas, unless approved by staff.
  • NO alcohol, drugs, energy drinks, any over the counter energy products or abuse of prescription medications
  • NO tobacco use of any kind inside any Isaiah House building or vehicles.
  • NO firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed on premises; all personal belongings will be searched when you arrive.
  • NO offensive music allowed. Music may be restricted at the discretion of the staff.
  • NO one is to leave premises without talking to Executive Director, the Director of operations or House Manager: about their itinerary and listing the same on the board.
  • There will be no disrespect of staff or anyone staying at Isaiah House at any time.
  • Eating or drinking in any of the vehicles is not allowed.
  • NO meals from the kitchen or any restaurant are to be eaten in any area except kitchen, dining room and smoking area. (This means do not eat food in your rooms!!!)
  • Breakfast is between 6am-9am. Lunch is from 11am – 12pm. A sack lunch will be supplied to take to work with you. Dinner hours 6:00 (except Saturdays)
  • Non-perishable snacks and drinks may be kept in a closed container in your room.
  • Kitchen facilities may not be entered when the door is closed, even if it is unlocked.
  • NO empty or uncovered containers in fridge (wrap, cover or put in container all open food). All Dairy, meat and leftovers must be dated.
  • Everyone will be assigned chores to help keep the facility clean & in working order.
  • Everyone must brush teeth & shower daily & bathroom must be cleaned after each use.
  • Long Distance and local calls may be made on the phone by the computer.
  • All non-driving residents’ appointments must be reported to the staff for scheduling.
  • All information from your doctor must be disclosed to Director or Assistant Director.
    List Ed Jeffery, as person on the HIPPA form at the doctor’s office.
  • Men are not allowed to ride in vehicles with women unless given permission by staff.
  • Beds must be made neatly as soon as you get up. Everyone is to be up and out of bed no later than 8am, regardless of working time!
  • Everyone be modestly dressed before leaving sleeping area (shirt w/sleeves, pants).
  • Sunday morning church is required.
  • Turn off all electric & water when not in use (help us keep the overhead down).
  • Sheets, clothes & towels must be washed once a week.
  • The staff bedroom and bathroom are off limits.
  • Offices are to be entered only with staff permission and when the staff is present.
  • Don’t touch other people’s property.
  • Bumming of food, money or cigarettes from other residents is not acceptable!
  • Do not adjust the thermostat. See the Director with concerns about the temperature.
  • NO foul language or slang tolerated.
  • No texting during Isaiah House meals, during church, or during 12 step meetings.
  • Must have prior approval from staff before putting up anything on walls or dressers.
  • Transportation for non driving residents provided for work, meetings, doctor, church, social services, and court. Wal Mart runs will be done on Friday after the Friday night meeting. Only church runs will be made on Sundays.
  • If returning from shopping and staff is suspect, you will be searched or drug tested.
  • If you leave without proper release, your belongings will be bagged & put on breezeway
  • Mon.-Fri. no TV watching or napping between 9 am & 3 pm.
  • No TV’s on after 11pm unless all roommates are in agreement!
  • Do not leave clothes lying around, put them in drawers, closet or dirty clothesbasket!
  • Laundry is done between 8am & 10pm Monday thru Saturday. NO SUNDAYS
  • Empty your trashcans as needed, taking all recyclable items to appropriate bins.
  • If you need to smoke after 11pm go out the back door , then to smoking deck.
  • Label your personal items put in outside refrigerators & clean up after yourself.
  • If you are going to be late for dinner, call to request a meal saved for you.
  • Do not touch others belongings without permission from the person themselves.
  • If rent is behind, do not spend money on fast foods, sodas, candy etc.
  • Food items in the pantry, kitchen refrigerator & laundry room are off limits.
  • If you require transportation outside of Ellijay to Blue Ridge or Jasper will cost $6 per trip or $ 60 per week! Other places outside of Ellijay the cost will be $.55 per mile.

We have a 3 step discipline program as follows:

1st discipline will be a verbal warning
2nd discipline will be a written warning
3rd discipline will be dismissal from Isaiah House

Isaiah House Rules (Printable PDF)


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