Isaiah House is a 20 bed transitional home located in Ellijay, GA on three acres. We exist to provide men who have been through a drug and alcohol program, an opportunity to gain needed skills to better equip them with integrating back into society. These include; continued sobriety through 12-Step Meetings, Biblical applications for living, life skills, relationship skills, educational needs, job preparation, how to be a man, how to manage money. Isaiah House recommends a minimum of six months transitional housing to prepare for successful sober living in society, and to procure housing and transportation.

Applying to Isaiah House

Candidates for admission must complete this application and have an interview with the Director. If you provide false or misleading information you may be denied admission or asked to leave when this becomes evident.


Requirements for admission:

  • Be male between ages 25 and 55.
  • Agree to abide by all guidelines, fully participate in all aspects of the program, and refrain from any activity staff deems contrary to recovery or good moral character. Director reserves the right to enact disciplinary measures or dismissal from Isaiah House for any violations.
  • Have already completed a drug and alcohol program
  • Be physically able to work
  • Be medically able to fully participate in a program that does not provide medical care, dental care, or assistance with medications.
  • Be mentally stable and capable of functioning in the Isaiah House environment; weekly participate in a minimum of four 12-Step Meetings, church of your choice on Sunday and Isaiah House group discussions, written work, and study.
  • Be willing to refrain from the pursuit of all romantic relationships other than with your legally married spouse for nine months if staying at Isaiah House.
  • Agree that for the first 60 days there will be no cell phones. After the first 30 days a man may qualify to have two weekend passes a month if: 1. He is actively work the 12 steps 2. He is doing his chores correctly 3. He has not had disciplines for anything during the month 4. He has all fees up-to-date.
  • Onetime nonrefundable registration fee of $350 due before entry.
  • Pay $175.00 in advance each Friday, for residing at Isaiah House.
  • Residents should bring only clothing that fits into one 4-drawer chest and part of a small closet.
  • MUST PASS DRUG TEST the day you enter Isaiah House and be willing to take periodic drug tests.
  • Submit to a criminal background check.
  • Please bring the following, if you have them: Birth certificate, Social Security Card, Drivers license

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